Bad Apple Alert

Because of the relationships The Good Contractors Organization has with our contractors, there has been very few times we have ever had to pay out of our own pockets to fix something.  However, there has been a few times where the contractor did not live up to our expectations and we had to remove them from the list and pay to fix a job.  Most of the time our contractors go above and beyond to fix their own issues and we are only there to support them while they finish the project.

Unfortunately, we can say that there was a time that we allowed a “bad apple” to enter our ranks.  The name of the company is Total Home Services & Solutions with the parent company of Jonesco.  They had an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau when we checked them out and we could not find negative reviews on them anywhere. They were able to get past our background investigations by having another person pose as the owner.  Immediately after joining our team, they started getting leads.  We call back every homeowner and there were several who said they had an appointment set up to meet with them, so we were glad to hear they were responding to homeowners.  So, about six weeks passed before we heard any feedback.  Finally, we started getting calls from homeowners who were concerned.  Apparently, this contractor was taking money up front and giving the homeowner a start date that was several weeks out.  When it got close to the date the job was supposed to start, the contractor would call and make an excuse why he needed to move the date.  This went on for several more weeks before the homeowners finally contacted The Good Contractors Organization.

The moment we started getting complaints, we went through our phone logs and called back every homeowner who had ever reached out to Total Home Services & Solutions / Jonesco and found nine families that had entered into contracts with them and was experiencing much of the same thing.  Some jobs they started, but then began making excuses why they couldn’t finish.  Other jobs they never started and finally stopped communicating altogether with the homeowner after cashing their downpayment.  It was a huge fiasco that ended up costing The Good Contractors Organization around $18,000.  We immediately removed the contractor from the website and one-by-one we went behind them and wrote checks to those whose work never began.  We also coordinated with other contractors on our list to complete the work that was left undone.  Although we lost in this situation, we gained a lot more than we lost.  We gained respectable credibility!  This is exactly why we are in existence and a good example of what happens if we get lax in our pre-screening.  We have now invested in the best investigative software on the market and have improved our processes dramatically.  We also reported this company to the Channel 11 News investigative reporter, Christine Severance.  She was so impressed that we would expose him (and ourselves) to help protect people that she did a news story on the event.  Click HERE to see the news story!

Russell Jones, the actual owner (remember he had someone pose as the owner so we never knew his name until it was too late), is still out there doing business in the Dallas / Fort Worth area!  Because he enters into contracts, it becomes a civil matter, and unless the person sues him, he cannot be brought up on charges of theft.  It’s pitiful that someone like that can do business for so long and he preys on people who he knows doesn’t have the money to sue him.  I reported him to the BBB and shared all the articles and information that I found on him, but the best they could do was lower him to an A-.  Check it out HERE.  His website is www.totalremodelingdfw.com.  Please share this article with anyone who may live in the Dallas / Fort Worth area that owns a home.