Accountability & Responsibility Movement

boatThe Good Contractors Organization has a vision to change the contracting industry through accountability and responsibility, but it doesn’t stop there. We believe that as a third-party marketing resource, we have the power to make huge changes in many industries. Many people do not know where to find good services and the best places available to find these services are search engines like Google, directories, review sites, and professional organizations. The problem with all of these resources is that there is no real accountability for the final product. For instance, If a customer finds their service on Google and the service was awful or they got ripped off, Google isn’t going to have any influence over the service provider correcting the issue. They sure the heck are not going to take responsibility for making it right with the customer. Even in professional organizations, they may kick them out of the organization if they get too many complaints, but in the end the customer is still on their own if they were unhappy.

The Good Contractors Organization hopes to inspire other marketing resources to truly vet their clients in such a way that they can put a third-party guarantee on the final product. This is a scary business model with a lot of liability, but imagine the impact it would have on how a customer buys these services. For example, if it became public knowledge that you could hire a contractor that not only had a third-party who thoroughly vetted every contractor, but had so much faith in their choices that they put a $10,000 guarantee on every job they did, why would homeowners ever go anywhere else to find a contractor. Especially if the third-party made it a point to pick companies that offered the highest quality and fair and honest rates. If homeowner started saying “I’m not hiring a service that isn’t being held accountable and guaranteed by a third-party”, then it would force other third-party resources to change their mode of operation to the Accountability and Responsibility Business Model.