Accountability and Responsibility Movement

Accountability and Responsibility Movement

The Good Contractors Organization is the leader in what we call the Accountability and Responsibility Movement.  The business model is not something that most companies or individuals consider to be wise.  First, our business model LIMITS the number of paying customers (in this case contractors) and we don’t force the contractor into a long-term contract, so they can easily quit with a 30 day notice.  We don’t want to force someone to be a part of our team.  Secondly, we offer a $10,000 guarantee to the homeowner, which is a huge liability.  This $10,000 guarantee of quality is on every job performed by one of our contractors and is not an insurance policy. If we have to pay for an issue, then it comes out of our own revenue. On paper this “limit your revenue potential and increase your risk” model looks ridiculous.  Most companies start out with “how can we get the most money, lock them in a year contract, and do this with the least amount of risk?”  But our philosophy is “how can we protect homeowners and give good contractors a safe place to grow their business?”  Our WHY far exceeds our desire for financial gain!

If third-party resources REALLY pre-screen, hold their companies accountable, AND take responsibility for the final product, it produces the safest place possible for everyone. If we can prove that this business philosophy is also profitable, then there will be many other third-party marketing resources who will adopt our philosophy. Thus, the Accountability and Responsibility Movement!  The fact is, we have already proven it and now it is a matter of growing and getting the message out. Below is how we have seen this business model affect the marketplace.

Chosen Company

The companies selected to be a part of the organization protects the organization by doing business right.  This protection ensures they continue to be seen as “good” and separate themselves from the bad.  They do not want to be removed by us and lose their position.  Since positions are limited, the value of their position is great and continues to grow as we become more known.  Our contractors bend over backwards to make their customers happy, especially since they know that we follow up with every customer.  See Customer Service and Conflict Resolution.

Homeowners / Patrons

Homeowners realize the risk is reduced to nearly nothing.  The third party puts their money where their mouth is and is responsible for the end product. We envision a day when homeowners take a stand.  They boldly say, “I’m not hiring a business unless they are held accountable and guaranteed by a third-party!”  Imagine how that affects things!

Third-Party Resource

The third-party resource rises to the top as the resource of choice!  They are highly appreciated by both homeowners and the companies chosen to be a part of their organization.  Think about it.  The chosen companies go to great lengths to do business right and the homeowners alert the third-party of any potential issues. This causes the risk to go down and makes the third-party very popular, which is very profitable.  The key is finding the right companies to make a part of the organization and the consistent follow up.  If marketing resources are not more accountable and responsible, then they lose mass amounts of revenue.

Accountability and Responsibility Movement

The Accountability and Responsibility Movement requires everyone working together, but we prove it can be done on a daily basis.  The Good Contractors Organization began the Accountability and Responsibility Movement in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, but is planning expansion across several metro Texas areas.  Once we prove the business model is sustainable and duplicatable, we believe that other industries will join us.  Let’s take the Accountability and Responsibility Movement across the nation! Learn how Customer Service and Conflict Resolution is the key to this movement!