About Us

meandcindy2The Good Contractors Organization has a vision of changing the contracting industry through ACCOUNTABILITY and RESPONSIBILITY.  Many years ago, our Founder John Hill, saw that there was nobody holding contractors accountable and contractors could easily just advertise whatever they felt people wanted to hear.  In 2011, after surviving a massive heart attack, he left the security of his job as an advertising sales rep (with no money in the bank, no degree, and no experience as a business owner) and set out to begin assembling honest and safe contractors.  He felt that if he could find the good guys and be willing to guarantee their work to the homeowner as a third-party entity, that this idea would flourish and shine like a light.  The need was so great in this dark contracting industry that the good contractors saw what he was trying to do and in blind faith invested in membership with absolutely no proof he would ever succeed.  The beginning contractors, most of whom are still here today, joined before the first website was built and long before they would ever receive their first call. The contractors had to have faith in him and John had to have faith in their quality and integrity to make this work...a real team.  This, of course, was all driven by an absolute faith in God and a much bigger story.  If interested, you can hear this Amazing Story HERE.  Cindy, John's wife and now President of The Good Contractors Organization, continued to work in her administrative job while learning Quickbooks and keeping up with the paperwork.  This organization was literally birthed out of the Hill's 1960's built rent house in Mansfield, Texas.  Now we have an incredible caring team of people who are helping us to grow to new heights by interacting with homeowners and contractors to make sure everyone is happy!  You can meet the whole team HERE.




We realize that we are very unique and you may have questions! Please visit our FAQ page!